At War With Radio: April 09, 2021
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At War With Radio: April 09, 2021

The sun is out, the weather is getting warmer, pollen is EVERYWHERE, and the snake eggs are hatching. This all means it’s a great time for some thrash, fastcore, and of course, metal.

Pest Control, Infestation / Rat Race - I’ve been listening to this nonstop. This track makes me want to jump into a hot, stinky, circle pit ala Pointless Fest. Were you excited about Municipal Waste’s “Waste ‘Em All” when it was released? I was, and I feel similarly about this. Crossover thrash from Leeds, UK executed perfectly.
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Denial of Life, Scheming to Suffer - Well well well, we have some more crossover thrash here, by way of Tacoma. Take a whiff and notice the notes of Power Trip and Sacrilege. Continue moshing.
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Sick Burn, Split with These Bastards - Get your bandana ready and continue that circle pit with a release that is clearly an ode to 625 Thrash style fastcore.

Kosmodemonic, Liminal Light - Unfortunately, we only have one song to repeat for now, but this one song is catchy as hell. Take the angular, dramatic, swirling Oranssi Pazuzu riffs that keep you hooked, add an off-kilter-but-interesting-but-chuggy breakdown ala Yob, and overlay a unique vocal styling that might normally come from a noise rock band, and you have Kosmodemonic. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this release.

Bloated, I - 10 songs in just over 8 minutes, this is the kind of speedfest I live for. Bloated blast through these tracks with some definite nods to Rotten Sound. While available in a digital format, it’ll soon be available on cassette from Iron Corpse.