At War With Radio: April 02, 2021
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At War With Radio: April 02, 2021

At War With Radio featuring thirdface, Fresh, Inyección, Altarage, Gel, Path of Resurgence, and Blemish.

Thirdface, Do it With a Smile - Exactly the kind of chaotic energy I look for on a Monday morning. thirdface nails the weirdo, psychedelic hardcore sound like they’re born with it. Consider this if you’re a fan of Cold Sweat or Psychic Limb.
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Fresh, Girl Clout

I feel a constant lethargy, The pressure to say yes, No one will take me seriously, I want to be the best, It’s here for sure and certain, I see it in your eyes, Play shows with us for girl clout, Tell me you’re one of the good guys

If there’s one thing I love, it’s emo pop with harmonized guitar parts and shredding. If there’s another thing I love, it’s emo pop with a hardened anger, and in this case, about tokenization and performative male allyship.
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Inyección, Demo CS - I am always on the lookout for rippers from other countries, particularly Argentina and Colombia. From Chile/Argentina, Inyeccion delivers a tasty mix of noisy, raw punk and street punk.

Altarage, Succumb - Like Portal, but a little more accessible. Altarage deliver a constant, unrelenting force of sound with a short breakdown as a breather in this track.
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Gel, Closure - Reverb packed punk from NJ, these are the kind of tunes that make me miss getting pushed around at a Philly basement show.

Path of Resurgence, Blinded by Desire - This a total throwback to late 90’s/early 00’s metalcore and I am here for it. It’s full of everything you expect - two step parts, breakdowns, that weeny-weeny-weeny guitar part, double bass, and guitar harmonies (I told you I love harmonies). Remember Undying? Prayer for Cleansing? Yeah, this is right up that alley.
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Blemish, Demo - Who would I be if I didn’t include any grindcore or grindcore adjacent in my list? This genre is my lifeblood. A heavy as hell demo that grabs you by its neanderthal hands and drags you through the NJ sewer system. Total grime and I love it.