At War With Radio: June 24, 2022
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At War With Radio: June 24, 2022

We're back after a long hiatus (that's what having a second child and a new job will do). I'm, again, modifying how I do this, just to make it easier on me. Here's the deal:

  • No more Bandcamp 6 packs. I don't love distilling a band's sound into a few sentences and I'd rather let the music do the talking. All contributions will continue to come from Bandcamp, however.
  • Spotify playlists will be add for each podcast. These will sometimes have songs missing, as not every cool demo that's found on Bandcamp is found on streaming music platforms. Think of it as a way to get you to listen to the podcast instead.

Track List

01. Super Reg - LOVEBURNS
02. Warthog - Terrestrial Progress
03. Khiis - Venom
04. Heavy Discipline - Voyeuristic Lust - Reckoning
05. Deterioration - Forced Conversion
06. Internal - Throw in the Towel
07. Sidetracked - On the Backs
08. Vile Sect - Foul
09. Trauma Bond - The Violence of Spring
10. Skag - Ivory Drip
11. Scorching Tomb - Bloodlust Sacrifice
12. Writhing Shadows - Carcass of a Godbeast
13. Sulfuric Hatred - Flayed Upon Horn
14. Denunciation - German Suplexed to Death

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