At War With Radio: September 3, 2021
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At War With Radio: September 3, 2021

We're now live on most podcast apps, with the exception of Spotify. Turns out they don't like to accept podcasts of dj mixes/playlists. You can listen to this weeks episode directly from Simplecast or find us on the following platforms:

Track List

01. Wednesday - Twin Plagues
02. Bitter Branches - Along Came a Bastard  
03. Redemptus - How Much Pain  
04. Faking - Less & Less
05. Full of Hell - Industrial Messiah Complex
06. Regional Justice Center - Life’s Work
07. Surra - No Lixo
08. Fawn Limbs - Twitching, Lapsing
09. Tetsuo - Revuelta Con Cadenas Sexuales/Vacío Existencial
10. Creeping Death - Edge of Existence
11. Year of the Knife - Dead at 29
12. Antichrist Siege Machine - Victorious Legions of Satan
13. Sarcoughagus - Cannibalistic Search Party
14. Armor - Figure
15. Fatal - Ghost of the Self
16. Arrogant - Back to the Tomb
17. Visions of War - Subject
18. Self Inflict - Bent Knees

Bandcamp 6 Pack

Tetsuo - Lado A from Vacio Existencial - This is fucking punk in it's pure, raw, disseminated form. It's a wild mesh of howling vocals, harshly distorted guitars, electronic, noise - truly a Tetsuo: The Iron Man but in music form.

Wednesday - Twin Plagues from Twin Plagues - Now that I'm in North Carolina I'm trying to do a better job of what's what in the music scene, in and out of Raleigh. This album, and this song in particular, caught me by total surprise. My brain expected indie pop; instead, I was treated to a heavy shoegaze. The album swells back and forth between light air and dense walls of reverb, noise, and distortion, coupled with a slightly twangy voice, and all the while keeping your attention with just the right hooks.

Full of Hell - Industrial Messiah Complex from Garden of Burning Apparitions - FOH continue to churn out a bombastic mix of grindcore, death metal, noise, and punk. The song gets weird with a touch of that "distort everything" mantra followed by a breakdown that I am absolutely here for. Can't wait to hear the rest of this album.

Antichrist Siege Machine - Victorious Legions of Satan from Purifying Blade - Just absolute barbaric violence encapsulated in music format. Punishing, yet I can't get enough.

Redemptus - how much pain can fit in one's chest from Blackhearted - I love when a bands sound can't be pinpointed. This is hardcore but not, punk but not traditional punk, has a touch of screamo but is definitely not; it's everything carefully woven together. Think Brutus or even Elizabeth Colour Wheel.

Fatal - Ghost of the Self from 6 Songs - More North Carolina tunes!! 80's US hardcore punk ala Necros or Poison Idea from the folks in Scarecrow and Out Cold. 6 songs, 6 minutes. You know what you're getting with this.